Best Tips To Get As Cheap Car Insurance As Possible In Greece

Car Insurance In Athens

Price research and investment in safety equipment help to save, according to the list of our editor specialized in the segment.

Car insurance in a city like Athens, which suffers from high levels of violence including car theft, has become a substantial cost in the consumer’s pocket, especially in times of crisis in the country. In the midst of this context, our editor prepared a guide with nine guidelines for drivers interested in obtaining a cheaper policy to protect their vehicle.

Search prices

Get quotes from at least three insurers to find the ideal coverage and the best price. Today, online brokerages allow you to quote in real time with different insurers. As pricing policy between companies is free, it is important to research all the possibilities as they can vary greatly from one insurer to another.

Complete form

Although it may seem long and tiring, it is important to answer all the questions in the questionnaire as carefully and honestly as possible, as the answers will affect the value of the insurance. An empty field, whatever, can generate considerable price variation. Do not underestimate the information required by the document.

Report Changes

Stay tuned and inform the insurer about any changes that may affect the value of the insurance, either to make it expensive or to decrease. For example, if you changed your address and now had to park, the insurance amount will decrease. But if you used the vehicle just for pleasure and now made commercial use, this increases the chances of accidents. Therefore, the value consequently increases.


You know that maxim: ‘can cheap be expensive?’ Those who leave the car in the parking lot pay less in the insurance than those who exit the car in the street, because the risk of thefts and accidents decreases. So, if you do not have where to leave the vehicle, consider making a budget in a private parking area around the residence and your place of work.

Under 25 years old

The value of insurance for young people of this age range is always more expensive, because they have little experience with driving. And, consequently, greater possibility of getting involved in accidents. But, if unavoidable, assume the most expensive value and do not omit the information, to prevent the insurer deny the indemnity to the client in the event of a claim.


Installing a tracker in the vehicle makes it difficult to steal. If this happens, it makes it easier to find it. In this way, the risks decrease. And consequently, the price of insurance can decrease by up to 30%.

Car models

Some car models, such as the older, luxury, sports, utility or the most targeted for theft, usually have the most expensive insurance up to four times compared to vehicles outside of these categories. So research well before the purchase and be aware that the chosen model may be a factor to raise the price of insurance.

With Tracker

A vehicle tracker is a product that makes insurance protection more affordable. You can purchase a tracker with insurance for monthly payments starting at $ 70. It offers protection if the owner goes through theft or robbery situation, counting on agility in the recovery of your vehicle.


If your car is not recovered, the tracked insurance will indemnify you in up to 100% of the pricing table, used as a reference to define the value of a vehicle. Also, some options offer additional coverage to increase the vehicle’s range of protection.

Known insurance

When hiring car insurance, one of the key factors taken into account is the price charged for accessing this type of coverage. There are a few things that any driver should know before driving in Greece. First, it is important to have a car with the appropriate license plates. Second, you will need to pay attention to the speed limit and be aware of the fines for speeding. Finally, you will need to take care of gas and other vehicle maintenance.

More accessible

With cheaper policies than the traditional ones, mainly because they allow repairs with pieces extracted from vehicles of undone and not originals, the big insurance is designed to make the benefits and safety offered by the insurance policies available at a much lower price Than the traditional one. Thus, you can only opt for the services that you will use or that you consider necessary.