Do You Have A Car Standing On A Field Or The Street?

The subject has been talked about for some time now and is now confirmed. A car stopped on the road, or the street must have insurance, even if it does not circulate.

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Do you have your grandfather’s car standing in a garage, in a backyard, or even on the uninsured street but enrolled, waiting for you to gain patience and budget to restore it? Well, you’d better take insurance, because according to the judgment of the Portuguese Supreme Court all cars that are parked on a private lot or on the public road in a condition to move and registered must keep insurance up to date.

The news was advanced by Jornal de Notícias and refers to a 2006 case that only now saw the courts make a final decision. In this case, a car whose owner no longer drove (and thus without insurance) was involved in an accident that resulted in three deaths, when a relative of his used it, without authorisation.

Then the Automobile Guarantee Fund (which is the entity responsible for repairing damage caused by uninsured vehicles) compensated the families of the two dead passengers for a total of about 450 thousand euros but requested the reimbursement to the relatives of the driver.

A Car Stopped, If You Have A License Plate You Must Have Insurance

Now, twelve years later and after several appeals, the Supreme Court of Justice based the decision with the help of the Court of Justice of the European Union. It is a ruling of September this year confirmed that it is mandatory to have civil liability insurance even though the vehicle ( being registered and able to circulate) is, at the option of the owner, parked on a private lot.

It can be read in the judgment that “The fact that the owner of the motor vehicle that intervened in a road accident (registered in Greece) had left it parked in the backyard of the residence did not exempt her from complying with the legal obligation to conclude an insurance contract automobile liability, since it was fit to circulate. “

Now you know, if you have a car stopped, but registered and by some chance this one is involved in an accident if you do not have insurance you will have to answer for the damages caused by the vehicle. If you want to keep a car that is not used on a private lot, you must ask for a temporary cancellation of the registration (attention that has a maximum period of five years), which exempts you not only from the need to have insurance but also to pay a single traffic tax.

Driving In Greece

Driving in Greece is a very different experience than driving in the US, so it’s important to know what to expect and how to drive there.

The most notable difference is that Greeks drive on the right side of the road, which can be confusing at first. The roads are narrower than in the US, and they often have many curves and hills. In order to avoid accidents, you should always stay alert and pay attention when you drive.

In addition, Greece has a law that if you’re going uphill or downhill on a two-way street or highway, cars coming from the opposite direction must give way to you. That means that if you’re going uphill on a two-way street or highway while someone else is coming down from the opposite direction, they must yield for you and let you pass them before entering your lane of traffic.